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Play Therapy At Home

*Behavior Therapy (ASD,ADHD,Anger,Grief)

*Skilled Nursing

*Home/Companion Care

*Personal Care/Grooming

*Child Care/Tutoring 

Quick Start: Welcome

Complimentary Needs Assessment

Quick Start: Intake Inquiry

Get Info & Patient Referral Made Easy

1️⃣ Complete the online form. 
Provide email and phone number so an Intake Specialist can contact you.

2️⃣ Schedule a Call or Zoom vía a link to Discuss details and have an in-depth conversation so we can discuss how we can best support your family.

3️⃣ Get personalized care

We match you with the best team of providers and conduct a virtual Pre-Meet via Zoom. It’s safe and you get to meet the caregiver before they ever step into your home. After you meet and like your caregiver we schedule and start care.


Making Notes
Quick Start: Medical Lead

“Play Better Therapy is the best solution for my family. I am able to come home and relax while making dinner and the caregiver comes wearing a mask with fun activities son is so happy to see her. My son is happier and more able to calm himself and communicate with others. I’m so grateful for Play Better”

Regina Thomas

Quick Start: Testimonial Lead
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