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Services We Offer

We implement effective psychotherapy methods to improve functional skills and instill self-understanding among patients and encourage them to adopt new attitudes and feelings towards life situations. Since beginning the journey in 2000, we have provided kiddos in the Greater Houston Area a wide range of special needs services. We specialize in serving the special needs community our services are personalized to suit everyone’s needs.

Speech/Behavior Therapy


We provide expert therapy to kiddos and adults to improve functional skills if your loved one is feeling a bit down lately, or showing anger or maybe refusing to comply.. At PBHH our Therapy Sessions help develop strategies and skills to improve communication and functional skills as well as manage their behavior and lead a more positive life in society and at home. Contact  PBHH today and let us help your loved one find peace, happiness and progress. Assessment is Free. Insurance is an obstacle we navigate together. We will help our clients “re-frame” reactions, develop healthy coping skills and provide both them and their families with valuable tools to focus on their abilities and not their disability.

Behavior/Speech Therapy: Services
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